Wednesday, January 19, 2011

KIDSDAY 1989 All Wrapped Up

BANKING FOR KIDS By Evan Schectman Kidsday Staff Reporter
In this high tech world, kids want to buy anything that is new. Unfortunately, it seems that everything we want is more expensive than ever. It's discouraging for kids because pennies and dimes won't buy much.
Many banks now allow kids to start a bank account with as little as $2. But frankly at 5.5 per cent interest, you need a little more. Dollar Dry Bank has started a school banking program. They interview your school, and if they choose you, you can deposit your savings once a week with their bank. The program enables students to make deposits, record them on an in-school computer and the best part is you receive a monthly statement.
You need the assistance of your PTA, as they must carry the deposits to the local bank. For information call Robert Edwards at Dry Dock Savings Bank at (914) 397-2000.this is test type for special best of kidsday issue send type to ADOPT A GRANDPARENT By Sandra Sainbert, Danielle Hurdle, Wendy Wynter and Andrea Roberson Kidsday Staff Reporters
The kids in our class decided it would be special to adopt some elderly people at the A. Holly Patterson Home for Adults in Uniondale.
We discovered that elderly people are just like us, just older. For many of us, it was like adopting another grandparent. We discovered some could ride bikes and walk as fast as we could.
Many people in these senior citizen homes are sometimes forgotten by their own families. It was really sad to discover this. We are so busy on most days, it is hard to imagine that there are people with absolutely nothing to do. Just a visit can make someone's day. We ran errands and did small chores as well as just sitting and talking with them. They enjoyed our corny jokes and let us know they appreciated our efforts in many ways.
It's easy to adopt a grandparent. Have your teacher or club leader go to a nearby community center or home for adults like the A. Holly Patterson Home. If they don't want to make it a class effort, go to the home yourself with several of your friends. We bet there are many elderly people waiting to be loved by you.
TEEN SUICIDE By Dean Koradalis and Tommy Crawford Kidsday Staff Reporters
Early last year USA Today pronted their survey which stated that one out of seven kids thought about suicide. People magazine reported several years ago that one-half million kids have thought about it.
It reported that while it is normal for teenagers to be occasionaly depressed when they stay depressed for weeks it is a cry for help.
Some reasons given were not being able to get along with parents, not living up to others' expectations, loneliness, romance problems an appearance. Here are some warning signs:
1. Change in eating habits. 2. Don't care about school. 3. Preoccupation with ideas of death. 4. Giving away prized possessions. 5. Change in sleeping habits. 6. Withdrawal from friends or family. 7. Personality changes. 8. Use of drugs or alcohol. 9. Recent suicide of friend or relative. 10. Previous suicide attempts. 11. Stays in room constantly.
Suicide does not usually happen without warning. A suicidal person gives many clues and warnings regarding his or her intentions.
Studies of hundreds of genuine suicide notes indicate that although suicidal persons are extremely unhappy, they are not necessarily mentally ill.

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